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Coaches, Course Creators, Agency Owners ... Looking For More FUN, IMPACT And PROFIT
Are You Ready For The Life You Dreamed Of When You Started Your Business?
Join The Club, And Get A Step-By-Step Action Plan To Build A Business You LOVE.
Find The Joy, Peace, And Profits An Amazing Business Can Bring You

Russell Brunson - Founder and CEO, ClickFunnels

"If you get the chance to work with Liz, you should do it! Don't even think about it. Just do it!"
Kapow Club Is For People Who Want The Breakthrough Coaching and Real Support They Need... 
So They Can Sky Rocket in Wealth AND Happiness!
“The entire Kapow movement is behind you. You cannot fail!! Don't walk! Run to join KAPOW!"
Alex S. Elliot - Entrepreneur Extraordinaire
“For the first time I feel like success is right around the corner for me! I've finally found my focus!"
Dr Kim West - Christian Coach and Entrepreneur
“Since joining Kapow Club my life has completed shifted in a positive direction!”
Jennifer Stuart - Entrepreneur & Mom
"In Kapow Club There Are Like minded people achieving and Kapowing the hell out of life!”
Rick Toner - Course Creator & Dad

Welcome to a Special Place ... where entrepreneurs just like you SHINE, Grow, Build Their Dreams and… Truly Succeed!

From the cafe office of Liz Benny,
I don’t normally write big long ‘sales’ letters. I’m dyslexic and… I prefer to talk words out, rather than write them… 

HOWEVER I feel called to write to you right now. Especially if you’re trying to work out if KAPOW Club is for you… I really want to speak to your heart right now. 

In my opinion, there are far too many entrepreneurs struggling to find both financial success AND happiness right now. 

From experience, financial Success is one thing. It’s HUGE. It’s a blessing … (I know)... BUT financial success without happiness, without harmony, without internal peace, without personal fulfillment … 

Is one of the most horribly confusing things ever! 
The rollercoaster of our entrepreneurial experience (with friends and family not even being able to tell others what it is you do because they don’t get it) is often hard as hell … and sometimes it’s just too much… and we often bawl our freaking eyes out in sheer frustration! 
Not many people will ever understand this feeling… and I hope you never, ever, do. 

You see, as the creator of the The Happy Millions Show, I’ve interviewed millionaire after millionaire on the subject of “Making a Crap Ton Of Money, Without it Costing You The Things That Matter Most”. You see...  
Making Millions Is Amazing! And…
Unfortunately, for many, the millions are very, very messy!
I’ve seen it time and time again that… Awards are amazing and Making MILLIONS is amazing. You see, talking with truly, deeply happy entrepreneurs who are fulfilling their dreams, while making fun, fulfilling money is a darn sight different from… 
Talking with entrepreneurs who are making bank, but who are bankrupt in their souls

Divorce, depression, disease, disharmony and dissolution are rife in the entrepreneur world… and… I’ve had enough! 
It’s Normal… You’re Normal… 
And you’ve likely done all the normal things entrepreneurs do to get a burst of much needed connection to people just like them. 
You’ve probably gone to events and seen people receive their million dollar awards… or you’ve joined a program to get a coach’s help… and.. These all help entrepreneurs in their own ways, but…
They don’t ever fill the lonely void not consistently, at least… and we all know the old adage of the tortoise and the hare… where consistency won. Boom and bust lost. 

So going to events… then coming home to “real” life without a real community to support you consistently to rise up and be you… 
It's like flushing your hopes and dreams down the toilet while holding on to them with a string so they don’t actually hit the “S” bend…
So... It’s my MISSION To HELP YOU: 
Make a Crap Ton of Money AND Have A Crap Ton Of Happiness and Fun In The Process! 
Here’s the HONEST truth....

Being an entrepreneur and choosing to create my own way in life has made me millions and millions of dollars. 
And at a very young age I had created a life for myself and my family that was far beyond what I had even imagined possible for me. 

Literally being able to market my products and services online and make money… and then be able to work when I wanted to and… From where I wanted to (NZ, Australia, Bali, Florida, LA, Montana, Boise… you name it)... has been such a blessing. 
And, of course, it hasn’t always been easy. I’ve had the most horrible experiences as an entrepreneur as well. I’ve been slandered, blackmailed and threatened… AND … I’ve even had jealous friends break into my property and try to poison my dogs (That… wasn’t a fun episode to deal with). 
I’ve Experienced The...Peaks & The Harrowing Valleys… And… 
 YOU Are The Reason For KAPOW Club’s Existence.
You, the entrepreneur with massive hopes and dreams. You, the amazing human who’s been wondering what direction to turn to finally have a business that FEELS good… 

Business should never feel like you’re cutting off parts of you in order to make a business that’s profitable and which provides you the life of your dreams.

So… I don’t know what your exact dreams are… but holy hell, I hope they are BIG!!! 

I’m excited to see your smiling face in the club and help you soar!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Speaking of that… 

You are invited to join KAPOW CLUB, Especially If:
  • You want to make a crap ton of money so that you can play a bigger game in life!
  • You take full responsibility for your attitude and your results so that you can actually GET results. 
  • ​You like a coach who’s DIRECT and TO THE POINT, so you don’t suffer a second longer than you need to. 
  • ​You enjoy being part of a community that feels good and feeds your soul… unlike family and friends who just don’t get you.

Raw, Real and Honest...

I say what other coaches want to say but are scared to (or are just not skilled/gifted to say) AND… My clients love me… and they get breakthrough results. 

People pay me a LOT OF money to work with me 1-1… ($25K/day+) and people respect that I know what needs to change for people to break through. 
How Can I Be So Confident?
Well (here’s the honest truth)

I’m gifted in ways that most ‘coaches’ are not. I am deeply intuitive, an empath, clairvoyant, clairsentient, dyslexic AF and… I just have a deep knowing. I know ‘the next move’ for anyone, any time. 

(You might call me, “WOO-WOO”... But I prefer “Woo-AF” LOL) 

At university I studied people (I have a Bachelor Of Social Sciences) and I also have a Masters With Distinction (I don’t mess around) where I studied positive psychology. Since then I’ve been hooked on helping people truly flourish with all their gifts and weirdness. 

I’m basically obsessed with your happiness, harmony, and … helping you create income that allows you to live life unshackled. 

I’ve also been working in the marketing industry for 28 years (I was the marketing manager for my father’s rose business at the age of 14). 

I’ve helped companies go from nothing, to over a billion dollars in valuation, I’ve helped people make their first million, first hundred thousand and … their very first dollar online. 
The field of roses I was in charge of selling as a young kid! 
Let’s be honest though… Me having skills and gifts is great but what has that got to do with you and growing your business? So let's talk about that!

It's Time To:

2-10X Your Business and Happiness

KAPOW (and being coached by my team and I) is different and there’s something very special about KAPOW. 

There’s an energy here that’s not anywhere else. KAPOW quite literally stands for Konnection, Authenticity, Purpose, Ownership and Wealth. 

And you might be worried about my spelling of Konnection. Rightly so. However what I’d be more worried about is the societal rules that have held you back for far too long. 

In KAPOW club, in order to be wealthy (LIKE TRULY WEALTHY) you’ll first start by breaking rules that don’t work. 

  • Being worried about what people think… doesn't work. 
  • Being smaller than your potential… doesn't work. 
  • Creating offers that you hate... Doesn’t work. 
  • Setting goals that are for others… Doesn’t work. 
  • Being held back by trauma… Doesn’t work. 
Also, you could never be too much, too loud, too rich, too famous, too gifted. YOU are YOU and… you’re freaking AMAZING. Now… 

Let’s get your business results where they need to be….. And have a crap ton of fun along the way… Cool? 

Below I’m going to offer you an insane deal to join The KAPOW Club. 

My suggestion is… trust your gut and if it feels right JOIN. The price on this page is going up by 50% when the count down timer stops.

Let’s get your business doing profits you’re proud of and your holidays on the calendar. It’s time to build a business around your LIFE. 

Garrett J White, - Founder and CEO of Wake Up Warrior

"There are few trainers and coaches I have met over the years (and I endorse almost none of them inside of the game of training) but there are a handful of women who I believe have the ability to lead you.

Liz has a message of empowerment and that you can be more and do more! Liz Benny has claimed her power and leads!"
As A Member of Kapow Club, You’ll:
  • Be Surrounded DAILY by people WINNING in both life and business
(perfect for entrepreneurs who want success that doesn’t cost them dearly)
  • Have DAILY 24/7 access to our community through our Elite Kapow Community. 
(so you can build your business faster, in bootcamp style, from wherever you are)
  • Grow your wealth with the exact education you need to build the life you want!
​(so you can truly live a ‘rich’ life - now and in the future)
  • Achieve more each day than most entrepreneurs achieve in a week
​(no more late nights, missed dates, letting your kids down or burnout.)
  • Reach both your business and personal goals, with precision clarity
(so your friends and family will stop asking if you’re ever going to ‘make it’)

Dr. Richard Kelley

Being in the Kapow Community has been one of the best decisions of my entire business life! I do everything to make sure I'm on the calls each week... to get my weekly 'Juice of KAPOW". WHY? Well... Liz leads with such enthusiasm and passion... as well as strategy and systems... that it's STUPID not to be on the calls!

Real People! Real Community! Real Results!

Kapow Club: Your New Home
A community specifically designed to help entrepreneurs connect with people just like them, all whilst holding them accountable to achieving their wildest dreams!
It's time to finally create the life of your dreams, the income to support it, and have so much fun that people wonder what you're on!
So what’s inside the Kapow Club?

Monthly Millionaire Mastermind Call With Liz Benny (Value $1497)

These monthly group Mastermind calls are impactful beyond words and will leave you fired up, feeling untouchable and focused on exactly what YOU must do to achieve your dreams. 

Liz, a multiple 7-Figure entrepreneur, has coached clients globally to their first online sale, right through to their first million dollars. Her coaching programs have an above average success rate… so it’s safe to say Liz knows her stuff and her systems and strategies work. She’s direct, sassy and savvy as hell so be prepared to have your mind blown on this call. 

Each month, during the Mastermind Call, one lucky Kapowstar will be selected to do a ‘Hot Seat Session’ with Liz. During this session that person (you) will get direct, specific and detailed feedback from Liz.

Weekly Millionaire Momentum Call (Value $997)

Imagine being held accountable to your goals and supported to achieve them. Imagine also having someone to guide you to plan a powerful week in direct alignment with the goals you want to achieve. 

No wasted time. No wasted energy. Just focus on the things that will make the difference to your success. 

Our accountability coach, who just so happens to be Liz’s personal accountability coach, will help you work out the exact needle moving tasks you need to do to achieve your goals all whilst removing unneeded overwhelm. 

You’ll also get access to the exact accountability system that Liz’s top clients use to achieve 6 figure months, weeks and even days. 

Also… just in case you were worried… these calls are FUN, FUNKY and… you’ll be hanging out with the other Kapowstars who are planning powerful weeks, just like you. Momentum and focus are guaranteed, as long as you show up!

Weekly Millionaire Marketing Call (Value $1997)

What if, every week, you can get mentored by a marketing guru. Someone who understands funnels, marketing, messaging, copy... offers... and ... what if that person was also incredible at branding, creating communities and helping make offers convert like HOTCAKES. 

Well, you have it in KAPOW CLUB. Weekly! YAY!

Why? Well, Making Money Matters!

Monthly Millionaire Expert Hot Seat (Value $997)

Who you hang out with makes you... so imagine hanging out with HAPPY multi millionaires MONTHLY and having the opportunity to ask them direct questions about how they built their lives.

In true KAPOW style we'll be pulling back the curtains and ask REAL questions about happiness, family, life, health and... making bank. 

You'll hear the truth, the path, the strategies and... what they believe the key to their success is. 

You'll also hear the valleys they've endured so that you may learn from their million dollar mistakes, and fast track your own HAPPY MILLIONS Journey. 


Kapow Club Entrepreneur Community (Value $997)

Again, we all know we are who we hang around with… right? So, if you want better results you wanna hang with people who are upbeat, uplifting, positive and who … 

NEVER, EVER, EVER doubt you… 

Here’s what our Elite Kapow Community will be like for you. Imagine being meeting the most inspirational person you’ve ever met, you connect, you talk, you go out for dinner… then at the end of the dinner you’re like “can we just keep in contact forever! You’re awesome!”

Our community is for YOU to feel at home. You’ll get a daily dose of inspiration from the Kapow Coaches… and you’ll never need to fear “can I … actually be myself here” … cos we just want to know the real you… and help the real you shine bright and reach your summit! 

Kapow Club Basecamp
(value $497)

Locked away in the Kapow Club Basecamp is Exclusive (Unseen before) training for Kapowstars that are specifically in this Club. That’s YOU. This 3 part video series will help you unlock your flow, help you find who YOU are… and help you set your sights on exactly what you want. 

AND… you’ll also find the recordings of all our calls in the Kapow Club Basecamp… so you’ll never need to fret if you miss a call!

Perhaps the COOLEST part of the members area… is … the Kapow Legends… that you’ll see. Each member of Kapow Club is featured in a ‘cooler than the Oscars’ very KAPOW way! 
You’ll Also Get Immediate Access To The...
BONUS: Kapow Course (value $11,997)
We know this is CRAZY. We get it 100%.... 

We are absolutely CRAZY to offer the full Kapow Course as a bonus for Kapow Club. But we felt it was right! Kapow Course has helped SO many people break the silence of never making money online … and has also helped many, many … many people hit 7-figures (Alison Price, Mike Schreeve, Lauren Golden, Jonny West…. Mike Schmidt and Anthony Rivera and…. the list goes on)

But here’s the TRUTH… Liz made her first million dollars with sales from her online program and… She’s seen so many success stories from this course that it just seems RIGHT to offer it here, as a bonus for Kapow Club members. 

In this program you’ll learn the fast path to create your offer, the fastest way to get your first sales (without even making the actual course) right through to how to scale your course to a million dollars. Liz’s teaching style is details oriented… and step-by-step ‘over the shoulder’ style. 
BONUS: Kapow Accelerator Lane Activation (Value $5,497)
How many times, honestly, have you flip flopped in business and ... lost momentum. Maybe you saw that late night ad on Youtube that CONVINCED you that the best way for you to move forward was with their magic solution. 

Well, in my experience, WEALTH and RICHES are in the lazer focusing and... creating YOUR business. 

So if you’re running an agency, run YOUR AGENCY. Not an agency AND a coaching program as well as 'selling a course on the side lines". 

Likewise, if you’re a coach, consultant or course creator the Accelerator Lane Activation will assist you in choosing your lane and … 

Staying in your lane. 

This training will help you get lazer focused on who you serve, how you serve them and what you do for them that makes their life better (AND you a ton of money). 

Again, shiny objects (and lack of focus) robs you of your riches. This BONUS training will help you stay focused and build a business that supports you being a HAPPY MILLIONAIRE! 
BONUS: Kapow Accelerator Lane Activation (Value $5,497)
If you’re sick and tired of feeling freaking LONELY in your office… clunking away at the copy, the funnels, the ads, the marketing, the messaging, the social media… By yourself… Alone… with no one to talk to… 

And if you’re sick of having to ‘go to a cafe’ … or the library… for ‘people contact’ yet you’ve ended up wasting hours of productivity in the process… 

Then you’ll LOVE the Virtual We Work (Virtual Kapow Cave) we’ve set up for you. This space is OPEN for you to log into 24/7, from wherever you are! AND… you can always rest assured that when you’re in the Virtual Kapow Cave that you’ll get results because of … how we run the Cave. 

Not only will you feel connected to folks who are seriously kicking butt in their business …. But you, yourself, will be kicking butt achieving goals too! 

We think of this as a “WIN WIN” solution… Connect with like minded entrepreneurs who are getting achieving goals…….. And at the same time… get done what needs to be done for your business! 

We’ll be monitoring your success too, by the way…. Just to make sure you’re actually getting stuff done when you’re in the Cave. You do have goals to achieve, after all!
Meet Adam and Cynthia Murray (my former clients). Prior to KAPOW their business was struggling and so were they. NOW they have a new house, they holiday all the time AND they have crossed the million dollar mark! 
BONUS: Daily Dose Of KAPOW (Value $2,497)
I don't know HOW many podcast interviews I've had where people quite literally tell me, "I wish I could bottle your energy up and just pop a "DOSE OF KAPOW LIZ". 

Well, while my KAPOW supplement line is being created (it is currently), you'll be getting a daily dose of KAPOW delivered directly to you within KAPOW CLUB. 


And when you have maximum belief, YOU are more likely to KAPOW the ever living crap out of any obstacle in your way of having HAPPY MILLIONS. 
Meet Adam and Cynthia Murray (my former clients). Prior to KAPOW their business was struggling and so were they. NOW they have a new house, they holiday all the time AND they have crossed the million dollar mark! 

Alex S. Elliot

The Kapow community has been the epicenter of my growth as a person and as an entrepreneur! Liz… attracts such positive, uplifting people to her I can say very honestly being in the Kapow community has helped catapult me out of being a scared entrepreneur to being a solid business person, with a lucrative business that serves hungry clients! Join the club! I’m in it! I’m excited to meet ya! 
This Price Won’t Be Around Forever
We 100% realise that we’re over delivering to a stupid level with this. The reason is… (honestly) this is new product and we want to let you in at a reduced price. Don’t worry… that doesn’t mean you’ll have a ‘broken’/half weird experience. Nope… quite the opposite. 

But in all seriousness… the prices of the Club will be going up by 50% shortly. We’re pretty much running it at break even for you (assuming you’re about to jump in!!!) but we obviously can’t do that forever. 

Buy now… and lock in your early adopter bonuses. We will likely be taking Kapow Course out of this deal shortly too, so grab it now while you can still get it (and the full club experience) at the VIP price. 
FAQs About Kapow Club

How fast can I expect to see results?

Immediately! Look… here’s the deal! Entrepreneurs are changing the world… but LONELY, DEPRESSED… disconnected Entrepreneurs are not! Once you’re plugged into our community… you’ll see an upswing in your FOCUS, your ENERGY and your RESULTS!

I already have a coach. Will this still work for me?

Great question… and one you SHOULD be asking! Yes this will still work for you...and your COACH will probably thank you for being a part of Kapow Club. Why? Well, Kapow Club gives you what they can’t. Constant, daily connection that drives your RESULTS! 

What if I’m just a beginning entrepreneur? Is Kapow Club for me?

Hey… if you’re a beginner it’s IMPERATIVE that you’re in a community that supports you. MOST entrepreneurs fail. FAIL… did you hear that? FAILURE is not something we do in Kapow. WE Thrive. We support. We LEAD. So, with that said… this community is for ALL entrepreneurs that want to stay focused, on task and getting results irrespective of the economy, crises or whatever stupid bad stuff is happening.

Do I have to have any of the Kapow Products to be successful here in Kapow Club?

Nope… Just nope! We created this as a standalone club… for YOU to feel connected to other entrepreneurs JUST LIKE YOU. That’s it. It’s not a slimy ‘bottom step of the value ladder’. It’s a full and complete program. You literally do not ever need to buy ANYTHING else of Liz’s… ever! We promise! If you just wanna hang in the club for years to come… YAY! We’d love to hang with you! 

Do I need any extra for this to work?

Nope.. you literally never need to buy anything, unless you want to have access to all the books we read together in the club… but you don’t even need to buy those. You can just hang out on our group calls and learn from others! Literally… all you need is the club. We’ve got everything else handled. 

What kind of support can I get if I get stuck?

We’ll be here with you, every step along the way. Our Kapow Coaches are here to help you set goals...and reach your summit! Our support team is also prepped and ready to answer ANY and ALL of your questions 24/7. 

Is everything available immediately?

Yup. Join now… and you’ll be in the members area immediately. You’ll also have instant access to the premium community area.

Do I need to use a special program to access the materials? 

Nope. Well get you all the logins you need and links to get on the calls with Liz and the team. Relax and we’ll take care of you :) 

Can I share this with a friend?

Hmmm… Good question! No… You can’t ‘share with a friend’. Why? Well your trusty leaders at Kapow really want to help YOU and we really want to build a community that makes a difference in the world. As you will have seen above we are ensuring that.

Is there a guarantee?

There sure is! 100% money back guarantee! If you don’t love the Kapow Club, for any reason, you can ask for a full refund within 30 days of your last payment. You can also cancel any time by emailing care@lizbenny.com. 

Do you have people who’ve used this with success?

So… JUST by being the KAPOW communities we’ve already built LIVES have changed. People feel Konnected, like they can be Authentically themselves, they’re more Positive, they naturally take Ownership for what they need to … in order for them to live Wealthy lives. Ultimately… people live more KAPOW lives when in our communities!

"Wherever Liz Benny goes... I'm following. Period!"

Leona Phillipo, Purpose Coach, Amsterdam

"I have never met anyone that cares more about her students and clients than Liz Benny"

Bryan Crawford

Get Started NOW!
It's Time To Make a Crap Ton of Money AND Have A Crap Ton Of Happiness and Fun In The Process! 
Here’s the complete truth. Entrepreneurs are burned out, lonely and losing hope. Most businesses fail in the first 2 years alone and with the current economic climate you’re going to need more help than ever before!  

Liz has literally spent her entire masters degree studying positivity and success and after seeing so many of her peers burn out and want to quit, she committed herself to building a community where people could reach their summit, supported each and every step along the way, for a fraction of the price of hiring her one-on-one. 

She’s poured her heart into this for over a year. It’s what she’s been spending her spare time on, in amongst helping her clients win. Here’s what Liz, and the entire team knows… 

WE know that if YOU feel connected to a community of like minded people who you’re meeting with regularly, you cannot help but be successful. 

And by ‘successful’ we don't just mean money. Kapow Club is about changing the conversation. We’re going to celebrate your WINS with you, yes, but we’re not going to do so without recognising what you endured to achieve your goal. 

Oh no no no… We CELEBRATE your wins IN SPITE of what you ENDURED to get there. SO, whatever your story is, it’s all good… we got you! No matter where you are right now, we’re ready to welcome you home and help you climb to your first summit! 

Let’s get started!

Liz Benny

And The Kapow Team

Liz Benny

And The Kapow Team
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